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Diana, Acres North Vet Hospital


I am a veterinary technician. I was born and raised in Ralls, where I live with my 3 children, 15 year old Chloe, 12 year old Giselle, and 10 year old Timothy.

I have always been interested in animals, especially large exotics and wildlife. This interest has made me always want to be able to help animals in any way possible. To this end, I attended Vista College’s Veterinary Technician program, graduating in 2014.

I have been at Acres North ever since, where I assist the veterinarian with examinations, surgery, and laboratory testing. I am also a Fear Free Certified Professional, which helps me decrease the stress levels of your pets by not forcing them to do things they don’t want to. This means we take your pets’ emotional wellbeing just as seriously as their physical wellbeing.

I have Charlie who I rescued from the streets of Ralls as a puppy 2 years ago and 3 cats: Soveriegn, Destin, and Mikey. When I have free time, I like taking a walk with my kids and my dog, as well as working outside in my yard and garden. I also enjoy reading and travelling with my family.